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The Community Story

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Over the period of one year, I will post the opening paragraph(s) of a short story. People then can contribute to the story, but no single person will complete it alone. There will be the opportunity to discuss and mutually edit until the end date for each project. There will occasionally be be a focus on themes or genres that contributors will be asked to adhere to, but often the story will progress as the community guides it.

Once the deadline closes, I will review and edit the contributions and combine them into one story with all included participants given credit (or, if the project becomes rather large as I hope it would, readers will be able to see the process of development and all contributors input). At the end of the year, I will publish (online) an anthology of all the stories compiled.

Since this is a community endeavor and no single person holds authorship, The Community Story will hold the copyright to all the stories; however, each contributor will be free to make use of content as long as due recognition is given to its initial publication in this project.

There are plenty of book clubs and writers' groups out there, but not enough community development of art and literature! Let's change that.





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